Dr. Daniel Saakes is the expert on persistent projection. His work has been featured on engadget, new scientist, boingboing, in various blogs, magazines, books. He exhibited in FreeDesigndom Amsterdam, Netherlands Architecture Institute (NAi), Hangaram Design Museum in Seoul, Miraikan Museum Tokyo, Taiwanese Designers Week, Dutch Design Week, Ars Electronica and Siggraph Emerging Technologies.

Daniel, born in the Netherlands, studied Industrial Design Engineering (BSc and MSc) at the Delft University of Technology. In 2001 he graduated on story telling in virtual reality walkthroughs at the Dutch National High Performance Computing Center (SARA) and soon started working as an assistant professor at the ID-Studiolab in Delft. The cost effective motion capture technology he developed for tangible kung fu toys with audio feedback, resulted in two startups in toy and sports industry.

Beginning 2009 Daniel joined the Camera Culture group in MIT Media Lab where he developed new ideas for spatial augmented reality. End 2010 Daniel returned to the ID-Studiolab in Delft to defend his PhD research on “sketching” with materials. In Tokyo he joined the Igarashi Design Interface project and worked on design-interfaces based on inter-exchange of the physical and virtual. In the summer of 2013 he worked with professor Naemura of Tokyo University. In September 2013 he joined ID KAIST: Industrial Design at Korea Advanced Institute for Science and Technology and founded the My Design Lab.