I'm interested in making things that make things and things that help people make things. The projects on this page are some of the things I designed and made at the Igarashi Design Interface Project, MIT Medialab and the ID-Studiolab.

Paccam: interactive 2D part packing

PACCAM supports users to make compact layouts of 2D parts on sheets for efficient material use, by capturing the material in the cutting device and an optimized user interface based on rigid body simulation and snapping.

Photochromic Carpet and Alphabet Shoes

The Photochromic carpet is an large size interactive floor that captures visitors' footsteps in playful prints. The floor is made of color changing materials. Made in Tokyo Summer 2013.

Shader Printer

The Shader Printer is a stateful projector display that uses bi-stable color changing inks. Graphics once 'projected' on physical objects, persist and last without requiring additional power. In addition graphics are rewritable. The Shader Printer is useful for various applications that are not catered by traditional displays or fabrication technologies. For instance, fashion items such as shoes or bags, wallpapers, and floors can be updated frequently. Design prototypes can be tested outside the laboratory environment in outdoors and in real-use scenarios. Read more at the project page...

Slow Display

How can we show our 16 megapixel photos from our latest trip on a digital display? How can we create screens that are visible in direct sunlight as well as complete darkness? How can we create large displays that consume less than 2W of power? How can we create design tools for digital decal application and intuitive-computer aided modeling?

The Slow Display is large size with an incredible high resolution but updates at a very low frame rate. It uses lasers and monostable light-reactive materials to provide programmable space-time resolution. Read more at the project page…

Delft Blue By Me

With Delft Blue By Me people can portrait themselves on a real, physical Delft Blue plate. If they like their customized plate, they can have it fabricated through stencilprinting. In collaboration with design bureau Hoog and Diep, Delft Blue By Me is in permanent display at the Delft Tourist office and at the Royal Delft, Delft Blue factory. Netherlands largest travel magazine named Delft Blue By Me in the top five of their must see attractions in Delft. see more...


Skin 2.0 is an novel design tool to digitally explore materials and graphics on physical product prototypes. Skin makes use of spatial augmented reality and allows "sketching" materials on true-scale. With Skin, design teams can quickly evaluate a large number of designs, at an early stage. Skin has been applied in various industries ranging from furniture, ceramics, clothing and packaging. Read more...

Big Lampan Lamps

In 1973 Jim Hennessey and Victor Papanek published Nomadic Furniture a book filled with inspirational guides for end users to fabricate everyday furniture. Today, instead of using raw materials, we save time and skill by repurposing existing products such as those from IKEA. My contribution to Ikea Hacking or user generated content is this design of a big lamp out of many small Ikea lamps.