Big Lampan Lamps

The big lampan lamps are big chandeliers made of small Ikea table lamps. The design is open source and instructions and building templates are online, free to use. Many people build this design and i've been exhibiting the design on various occasions in the context of Ikea Hacking.

The designs are based on platonic volumes to balance optimal lamp/sphere packing with ease of manufacturing. The cube consists of six lamps, no. 12 has twelve lamps on the faces of a dodecahedron. No. 32 has a lamp on each face of a truncated icosahedron.

Instructions are posted on the instructables website. Lamps are connected with tie-wraps and all the wires are connected to a single plug.

A DIY kit for the no.6 that contains the manual, the template and the fasteners. Just add 6 lamps. A token of appreciation given to new subscribers of the bright magazine

The biggest and the baddest lamp is no 192. Larger it cannot get, because the base of a lampan is smaller than it’s shade. The total diameter of no. 192 is only 140 cm by approximation. Made in Delft with Aadjan van der Helm and Walter Aprile.